The ministry seeks to present music of beauty, dignity, depth, mystery, nuance and expression that reflects the solemn character of the liturgy. The music ministry is composed of singers and instrumentalists who use their talent to glorify God and inspire the faithful through music.

Music ministers are responsible for music at Sunday liturgies in addition to all solemnities, Christmas and Holy Week liturgies.

The music ministry is always looking to include more singers and instrumentalists who would like to participate in Music Liturgy throughout the church year. Singing or playing instrumental music for Preparation of Gifts or Communion—as soloists or parts of an ensemble.


Sings the Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation, and makes general announcements before the beginning of Mass. Music reading skill and a pleasant voice is required. Singers can become cantors or soloists getting some assistance from the organist with their selections. Practice with the organist is required. Depending on talent and rehearsal time it may take 6-10 weeks before one is ready to be involved in Liturgical leadership.


Instrumentalists should have some experience playing for at least three years and a repertoire of musical selections. We are always interested in those who play an instrument (brass, timpani, string/violin, etc.) for special liturgies (Christmas, Easter and more). String players, brass players, and winds (oboe, flute, English horn, and bassoon) are welcome.

St. Joseph's Choir

Choirs are traditionally formed in parishes to enhance the liturgy, via support and leading of congregational singing, with a rich tradition of sacred choral works. 

Please consider being part of this sacred tradition. The Parish Choir sings on special days and in the seasons.

Contact: Parish Office at 919-231-6364

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