Altar Servers

Called to serve Christ at the holy altar!

The role of the Altar Server is to assist the Priest, who leads the worship of the Church. It is the Altar Server’s job to assist the Priest so that worship is performed in a reverent, efficient and beautiful manner. This means that the young person must train properly so that he can perform his duties with dignity and devotion as deserving of our Lord. The Server’s first responsibility is to pray.

Serving at the altar is not our main purpose - we are first at Mass to worship Almighty God. The second purpose is to assist the priest.  Both of these goals must work together. We must never just serve the Mass, our service of the Mass must be guided by prayer and love of God. Altar Servers assist the priest at the altar during our parish liturgies, funerals, and other liturgical celebrations.

Youth who have reached their 10th birthday are invited to become an Altar Server. 

Contact: Msgr. Ingham or the Parish Office at 919-231-6364

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